Gorge Crest Farms – Underwood, Washington

Gorge Crest Winery.jpgGorge Crest Farms – Underwood, Washington

Come to one of the newer vineyards in the Columbia River Gorge area, the Gorge Crest Vineyards.  With the first harvested grapes coming out in the fall of 2007 and is already ranked as one of the Top Ten Wineries in the State of Washington!  Rick Ensminger, the manager of Celilo Vineyards, which borders Gorge Crest, designed the vineyard.  With is knowledge of higher altitude, late season, varietals he knows what it takes to produce great grapes in this area.

The vineyard doesn’t try to achieve large yields, it goes for the smaller yields with highest quality.  With agreements with Celilo and the Columbia Gorge Appellation the vineyard will supplement production to get the quantity needed for making great wine for your pleasure.  These grapes are handcrafted to provide the perfect touch to produce great wines.  All the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and pressed by hand to eliminate stem and skin bitterness which is caused by high pressure hydraulic equipment.

The tanks are hand siphoned for the clean juice off the top during fermentation so that transfer can take place without disturbing sediment.  The tanks at the winery are imported Italian stainless steel fermenting tanks produced by Marchisi.  When the wine is ready it is aged and racked in hand made barrels of French and American Oak.

The wines of this facility are the Gewurztraminer which is a dry Alsatian style white; Riesling with its candied apple and honeysuckle aromas, the Pinot Gris which is a dry white, Pinot Noir which is a Burgundian style, the Merlot with its coffee and ripe cherry flavor and the Syrah with a rich cedar and licorice flavor.  Try each and find the one that best suits your taste buds.  Enjoy the adventure of trying the newer wines and the environment of the area.

Gorge Crest Farms was once part of a large corporate farming operation.  Prior to that it was a dry-land orchard producing apples until "The Big Freeze" in the 1930’s took it out.  Then it was used to grow pears but that market also closed down so the land was then part of the large corporate farming operation.  In 2003 the owners of Gorge Crest purchased the parcel of land.  It is now a thriving farming operation with the goal of providing you with the best wines possible.

th_wedding.jpgIf you are looking for the perfect venue for your event then you may want to consider the Gorge Crest Vineyards.  It offers: Expansive views of the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River Valley with Mt. Hood looming in the background.

New traditional winery building with intimate inside settings. We are one of the only sites that offer an incredible indoor area as well as an outdoor area with views from both.

Indoor events room w/stone fireplace (in case of bad weather)

Elegant indoor bathrooms

Extensive manicured lawns

Outdoor dance floor

Covered porches

Indoor/outdoor bars (including a wine serving area)

Beautiful cobblestone patios

Three dedicated band locations w/necessary electrical

On-site parking facility and Valet Parking turn around

Directions: From the Portland Airport head South on I-205 (get in right lane from airport).  Look for signs that say “84 East –The Dalles”. Take 84 East for approximately 45 miles to Hood River.  Take exit 64 “Mt Hood”, turn left, go across the green bridge.  Turn left after bridge.  Go approximately 1.5 miles and take the 3rd right onto Cook Underwood Road.  Go 4.7 miles and turn right on Ausplund Rd.  Go .7 mile and turn left into “Gorge Crest Vineyards.”  There is a large rock sign at the bottom of the driveway.

Location: 461 Kollock Knapp Rd., Underwood, WA 98651

Phone: 509.493.2026


  1. Beautiful venue, terrible wines. I just attended a wedding there and the grounds are divine. For such attention to detail around the property I was stunned by the lack of finesse in their wines. Gorge Crest forces their renters to only serve their wines and it was just plain horrible. It was really disappointing.

  2. Hello
    I was just recently married at Gorge crest and i would like to start off with the good news. The wedding was beautiful, as well as the weather, and our guests made it a day to remember. Now the bad news is we had a horrible experience dealing with the owner through the whole planning process, she was very rude, disrespectful , and did not care that she was taking part in the most important day of our life. To start off she tried to charge us 10$ a person over 150 when that was written no where in our contract. Aside from her blatant greediness, she made every step of planning as miserable as it could possibly be when at the end of the day it was all completely irrelevant. The second we were done with the ceremony she had the nerve to approach myself and my new wife and ask us what are plans were for taking care of all the garbage. We hadn’t even been married one minute and she was already barking, and speaking of barking her dog was present at our reception as well. Bottom line is that our wedding (from planning to finish) would have been a flawless process if Ronda were not in the picture. Every time a question of logistics came into play we had to worry about how she was going to react. We had to just hold on and wait for it all to end till we could vent because we never knew what she was going to do next. Bottom line is if your on the fence between Gorge Crest and another venue, choose the other unless you can prepare yourself for months of heartache and headache. Let me know through the forum if you would like me to contact you with more info. What i have written is just a few issues that made it a miserable experience, myself, family and friends have many more. Thanks for your time.

  3. Marlene Faria says:

    My son was married there this past summer. Beautiful venue – but owners were extremely difficult to work with – made everything difficult for the entire family. Created so much needless stress for the bride and groom – including their wedding day!!! I would never recommend this place to anyone.