Klickitat Canyon Winery – Lyle, Washington (Columbia Gorge Winery)

Klickitat building.jpgKlickitat Canyon Winery – Lyle, Washington

Now you can actually get VEGAN wine produced right here in Washington State.  The Klickitat Canyon Winery produces vegan wines, no sulfites added, no yeasts, has no residual sugars and all the of the grapes come from the Columbia Gorge and varietals are 100% pure.  For those that have been trying to find the perfect wines to fit with their vegan diet this is the place for you to go!

The grapes are the secret to the wines produced by this winery.  The owners believe that the grapes make the wine from the natural yeasts found on the grapes so they don’t have to add any additional chemicals.  The wine develops on its own merits and must be completely fermented to dryness before it is Klickitat.jpgbottled.  They are a certified organic processor. 

The small Columbia Gorge Winery is a small winery owned and operated as a family business with great care and pride.  The vintner, Robin Dobson, takes great pride in producing wines that are unlike the wines in other vineyards and hopes that you will come and taste their wines.  Once you do they are sure you will come back time and again.

Robin was born in Berkeley, California.  He moved to Geneva, Switzerland at the age of 9.  He graduated from high school in Geneva, went on to college at UC Davis and then got her PhD in Plant Pathology at Washington State University.  He is now a botanist/ecologist with the US Forest Service as well as working at the winery.

Working with him at the winery are his brothers, Richard and Christopher, his mother Julie.  His young sons, Kiva, 14 and Tico, 9 along with his new partner Kathleen all help making the winery the place she loves and loves to share with you.

When you take a break from visiting the winery you may want to go wind surfing in the area around Hood River, Oregon.  The scenery is also beautiful so take the time to enjoy nature while you are in the area.

The grapes grown near Hood River typically ripen with more difficulty due to cooler temperatures compared to those at The Dalles and further east.  Across the Columbia River from Hood River is Underwood Mountain, an old volcano with deep volcanic soils.  Celilo Vineyard, from which they obtain most of the grapes for their Columbia Gorge label, is on Underwood Mountain.  This vineyard is developing a reputation for excellent grapes.

All of their wines are aged in oak and have relatively higher levels of acid and tannin than the wines of Oregon, California, and Eastern Washington.  The wines re made to be cellared and drunk with food, as is the European tradition.  Because of the process, the wines are very stable, and will not lose their flavor and freshness if left open.  How many times have you opened a bottle to have to discard it after the party or dinner is over because it won’t hold?  Most of the wines of this winery are best served at room temperature.

They produce only a very small quantity of wines each year (typically, only 600 cases).  So, if you want Vegan, Organic wine you will want to order early to make sure they are available.

Klickitat Canyon Winery
6 Lyle Snowden Road
Lyle, WA  98635

Phone & Fax (509) 365-2900

Email: klickitatwines@hotmail.com

Take Note: Visitors are welcome for wine tasting and tours:
Friday through Sunday 12-6 (Memorial Day – Labor Day)
Saturday and Sunday 12-6 (April 1st – Thanksgiving)
and other times by appointment


  1. Donna Melton says:

    A friend gave me a bottle of your wine 2 years ago and I think its high time to find another bottle, it was VERY good, where can I find another? Must I come to the winery or are there other places that carry your wine? Please respond, I loved your wine and have been looking for it since! Thank you. Donna Melton

  2. patrice perillo says:

    Exceptional wine made by people who care about the environment and your health. Their motto, “Where the grapes speak for themselves” and the ingredients label, “Nothing but the grapes” says it all. In my house the Meadowlark Gold white wine is considered gold! Also we recently opened a few bottles of Merlot 2005 that were a huge hit with our dinner guests. Full disclosure: I am the sister of Kathleen Perillo, who is the vintner’s partner so I discovered this winery via Kathleen. That said, you’d really be missing out if you didn’t check out this unique small scale winery tucked away in the breath-taking Columbia Gorge in the tiny town of Lyle, Washington.